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A spectacular grid-based strategy game


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Tango 5 is a MOBA that challenges you to take part in short strategy-packed 5-on-5 combats. Your objective changes with each mission, but the outcome depends on the management of the action points. In every setting you also have to focus on advancing, hiding, and shooting your rivals.

It’s worth mentioning that the game includes a cool-down after each action, which does put a damper on the excitement a little bit. However, the events occur in real time and depend entirely on your reaction speed. Plus, the intuitive controls let you move your character around the setting and pick a weapon or item that you want to play with. As you can imagine, the 99-second match limit makes the rounds pretty frantic.

Tango 5 boasts the fact that it's not a pay-to-win game. The only features that can be purchased by micro-payments are ones that modify the look of your rivals or increase the amount of available characters quicker than the standard progression system.

Just like other competitive games, there are different modes, both ranked and free-style that let you advance and participate in higher-up leagues that require more advanced skills. Also, different daily events and alternative gaming modes add a little something to an already unique and frantic experience.

Tango 5 is a fantastic strategy-based game that combines an intelligent grid-based movement system with the most dynamic MOBAs.
Tango 5: A fun online SRPG

On a platform saturated by MOBAs in their various incarnations (but with minimal differences between them), we can appreciate that NEXON M has attempted to innovate with titles as interesting as Tango 5, a strategy game that falls halfway between real-time battles and turn-based management. This competitive team game boasts an international ranking system and graphics evocative in many way of titles like the XCOM saga.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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